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Assessment Year 2

At the end of Year 2, teacher assessments are made in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science. Please see the table below for a breakdown of what your child could be assessed as:


Teacher Assessment Judgments(from lowest  to highest attaining category)


Has not met age-related expectations

Working at age-related expectations

Reading, Writing and Mathematics

Foundations for the expected standard

Working towards age-related expectations

Working at age-related expectations

Working in greater depth

During Year 2, children complete national tests (SATS) in Reading and Mathematics. The outcomes of these tests will be reported as a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 would indicate that your child is working at age-related expectations. The higher the scaled score, the further ahead your child is of the national standard.

The separate data sheet that you will receive will include the statements and scores mentioned above. On the end of year reports, the teacher has made assessments using the following terminology:

  • working towards age-related expectations
  • at age-related expectations
  • above age-related expectations

If your child is assessed as working towards age-related expectations, it means that they have not fully mastered the end of year objectives. Children assessed as working above age-related expectations are working in greater depth to the objectives mentioned. This means that your child is able to apply their learning in a range of different contexts.

Please click below to see what is expected to be learnt in order to be at age-related expectations.

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