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Spring 2018

A warm welcome to the new children, parents and staff who have joined us during this academic year at Bedfont Primary! 

This term Governing Body members have all visited the school for Learning Walks with Mr Davis, which has given us the opportunity to review the teaching and learning environment.  Governors were able to see first-hand a consistently high standard of teaching in a safe and stimulating learning environment. The teachers worked actively to engage all the children using a wide variety of teaching aids and techniques.  We found that initiatives like Maths No Problem in Key Stage 1 had been successful in teaching the children maths mastery skills and knowledge.  Developments in reading and writing were being embedded from Nursery to Year 6.  Recently one of the Governors had an opportunity to meet with the School Council, who talked about the magazine they produced at Christmas (available on the School Website and another issue in production) and their roles as Ambassadors of the School. 

Next term we look forward to the arrival of Mr Chandler, who will be joining the school as a new Deputy Headteacher, working with Mr Davis and Mrs Swasbrook as a vital part of the Senior Leadership Team.  Mr Chandler has spent some time in school this term as part of his transition.  We hope you will join us in welcoming Mr Chandler after the Easter break.

We have had some changes in the Governing Body. Our parent governors, Ms Shalu Gupta and Ms Margaret Rioga, have come to the end of their terms of office and we would like to thank them for all their hard work over the last four years. The Parent Governor elections are currently in process and we thank the parents who have been nominated.  We look forward to welcoming two successful candidates as new members of the Governing Body after the elections.  Ballot papers will be sent home with children on Monday 26th March. Parents are encouraged to make sure you return your ballot slips before the deadline of Friday 20th April.

Regarding school premises, the named governors for Health and Safety took part in a focused visit this term to ensure that the school environment is safe for the children and staff. A new gate has been installed between the car park and the Key Stage 2 playground, which will provide additional security and safety for the children, and there is now an improved security system for the main entrance doors of the school. We are aware of the impact of the Marjory Kinnon building work on the school and assure you that this is being closely monitored.

We hope that you will take advantage of opportunities offered to visit the school next term to share in your children’s education. The School recognises the importance of working in partnership with families to promote the learning experience of the children. 

Governors value your feedback and can be contacted through the school office. We wish you all a lovely Easter holiday.


Bedfont Primary School Governors.

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