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Parent Evening Reception to Year 6 Monday 5th and Wednesday 7th February 3.30-6pm

Message from the Headteacher


I would like to welcome you to Bedfont Primary School website. The purpose of the website is to be a source of information and a celebration of our children's many achievements. We also hope that if you are not familiar with our school, it will provide you with an insight into our ethos, values and commitment to high standards of teaching and learning.

It is our aim to develop a successful partnership with you so that your child is given every possible opportunity to succeed and excel. We look forward to developing this partnership.

Bedfont  provides a learning environment that is conducive to high standards of work and behaviour and where children can learn to be gradually independent and thrive.

Bedfont Primary School will be the first step on the learning journey of our children and we aim for it to be a positive one.

Children learn in a variety of different ways and we aim to provide experiences that stimulate and inspire. Through sporting endeavours, musical experiences, exciting trips and a dynamic and engaging curriculum,  our children will develop a true love of learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

The dedicated staff of Bedfont Primary School are determined to create an environment that encourages the children to become confident, caring and passionate individuals with pride in themselves and their school. We endeavour to develop children that are leaders in their learning, show resilience in the face of challenges and enjoy coming to school each day.

I hope that you find our website informative. 

Best wishes,

Mr G. Davis

A Day in the Life of Bedfont Primary School

SchoolPing Login

schoolping-logo-grey (1)

Parent evening meetings will be available to book as from Monday 29th January 2018.  The way to make a parent evening booking is through SchoolPing. 

You can either download the app on your phone, you would need to search for ‘SchoolPing’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or go to the school website www.bedfontprimary.com and click on the link for SchoolPing.

If you need your login details for SchoolPing please contact the school office.  This will be the only way you are able to book an appointment.

School Meals


After a first very tricky term for our kitchen we now have a fully functioning oven. This means pizza has finally arrived to the delight of everyone. I think the pictures speak for themselves.  


We have an experienced chef and with our kitchen staff we are able to produce a wide variety of delicious school dinners, cooked daily on site in our newly furbished kitchen. 


JPL consultants support the school with the design of our menus to ensure they meet the school food standards so that our children have healthy, balanced diets.



The NSPCC along with their mascot Buddy came to visit the school to deliver their Speak out. Stay safe assemblies . The child-friendly, interactive assemblies help children to understand abuse in all its forms and recognise the signs and know how to protect themselves. We will be raising funds to support the NSPCC in  Number Day event in February.


Coming Soon

Parent Evening  Reception to Year 6 Monday 5th February 3.30-6pm
Wednesday 7th February 3.30-6pm

Half Term 12th - 16th February

School Meals Menu

Starting Nursery class in September 2018

Children born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 can take up a free, part-time place in a nursery class from the September before their fourth birthday.

You can apply for a nursery class for September 2018 by contacting Hounslow Schools. The closing date for applications is 4 May 2018.

Please read our ‘Starting in a Hounslow School Nursery in September 2018’ brochure carefully before completing your application.

Download the application form and brochure from our website


Girls Football

girls football 2

Our year 5/6 girl’s football team competed against 24 schools from the Hounslow Borough. The team did amazingly well and won the competition. The girls would like to thank Miss Mott who runs the weekly girls football club.

Recent Letters Home



Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for Dress up for Digits in aid of the NSPCC.


It was lovely to see of the interesting ways the children and adults shared their favourite number. More photos of the day under the events tab.


DRAMA4ALL Outer Space

Drama4All ran a fun, lively and completely free interactive drama workshop for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  The workshop was led by an experienced actor who played the role of The Little Green Alien from Planet Saturn. He used story-telling, role-play, rhyme, song, and movement to take the children on a fascinating improvisation to Outer Space.


The children completed an energetic astronaut training, boarded a spaceship (that they made themselves) and visited planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter where they experienced and learnt about the different physical environments before landing on the Moon and rescuing Planet Earth.

drama 1

Key Stage 1 Superstars

Each week we celebrate the achievement of Key Stage 1 children in our Superstar Assembly.

Kingfisher Class
Danielle and Ryan

Swan Class
Roman and Amina

Seagull Class
Max and Murtaha

Nightingale Class  

Anisa and Aryan

Peacock Class
Kavin and Tileasa

Swallow Class
Arthur and Janvi

Key Stage 2 Appreciation

Children in Key Stage 2 who have really impressed their teachers this week:

Year 3:
Skylark: Keylan and Manveer
Woodpecker: Sophie C, Hadia and Betty (and Nysha from last week!)
Owl: Mustafa and Jowita

Year 4:
Swift: Sara and Keira
Chaffinch: Miguel and Chloe
Eagle: Qayyim and Calli

Year 5:
Mashal, Maisie, Zainab, Emmanuele, Hassan and Blake

Year 6: Cassify, Paige, Asif, Mia, Kosta and Maddie



Best attendance for the week:

Robin Class 100%

Swift Class 100%

Well done!


"Very warm and welcoming school. My kids love it."

"Teachers and teaching assistants show great enthusiasm with their work and the children."

"The school provides every facility to my children and also gives time to their development in every field."

"Beautiful assembly, so proud of Bedfont Primary."


"They encourage us to believe in ourself."

"They give me support when I am struggling and have helped me get through my SATs by keeping me calm and providing me with food. They also deal with problems in the right way."

"They teach us how to improve our work and if we don't understand something then the teachers will explain it to us patiently. If we go down in our work they help us to get back up and if our behaviour is bad they help us make it better. The school also gives us treats if we do well and usually try to make the lessons fun."

"The school help me improve with my learning and the teachers always encourage me to try my best in whatever lesson I do."

"It always has fun and interactive lessons and they always support you in every way. And I am never alone."

Pupil Questionnaire July 2017


"I feel supported and valued. I really enjoy working with all the team. The teachers are so friendly and we always work closely together and collaborate effectively when planning lessons for example. Teaching is definitely not an easy job. It is hard work and can be very tiring. However, working with like-minded people, who are caring and passionate about what they do makes all the effort worthwhile."

"There have been many changes within the school since I first joined, but the friendly and supportive atmosphere throughout the whole school community remains the same, many visitors and new members of staff remark on how welcomed they feel.  We teach friendly, enthusiastic and engaging children and benefit from the support of their parents."

Staff members  2017

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