Have a good half term. Children return to school on Tuesday 7th June after our Inset Day.

Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Bedfont Primary School 

Welcome to our website, I do hope it gives you a feel for our school.

Bedfont is a larger than average primary school, situated close to Heathrow Airport.  We have a wonderful mix of cultures with over 30 languages spoken in the school.  There has been a school on the site for over 100 years.  We have excellent facilities both inside and outdoors.  

We pride ourselves in aiming for academic excellence (our 2015 Key Stage 2 results are in the top 10% in the country), but also place high importance in developing the whole child through an exciting and engaging curriculum.

I am very proud that our Ofsted inspection in November 2014 judged us a Good school. Here are just a few quotes from the report:

  • The school provides a caring and inclusive atmosphere for learning. 
  • Pupils make good progress in English and mathematics in all year groups in the school. By the end of Year 6, they achieve above average standards.
  • Teachers have high expectations, know their pupils well and plan interesting activities to engage them in their learning.

If you would like to come and visit us, you are very welcome, please contact the school office.

Ann Broughton

A Day in the Life of Bedfont Primary School

Project Achieve

This week's skill is Using Brave Talk. See Our School - Project Achieve tab for details.

Year 2 at Look Out Discovery Post


Year 2 had a glorious day at the Look Out Discovery Post. Well done to
Miss Fellows who climbed the 88 steps to the top of the tower twice! See the Year group page for lots of photos.

Year 1 at Painshill Park


Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Painshill Park - see the Year group page for lots of photos.


Letters Home

Newsletter Summer 3 (by e-mail)
Miller's Farm letter YR and nursery
Year 4 Fashion letter
Year 5 PHSE letter

Coming Soon ...

Tuesday 7th June
KS2 team to quad kids final

Wednesday 8th June
Year 3 to Bedfont Lakes

Thursday 9th June 3 pm
Year 3 Exit Point

Friday 10th June 9 am
Come and Read Years 1 - 6

Newsletter Summer 3

Mayor's Award


When he visited us in the Autumn, the Mayor of Hounslow asked us to nominate ten children for his High Achievement award.  It was very, very hard for the staff to choose just ten children, but in the end the pupils above were nominated.  They enjoyed visiting the Mayor's Parlour and receiving their medals.

Year 6 at Chiswick Walled Garden


Year 6 had a fun filled day at Chiswick Walled Garden.

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Key Stage 1 Superstars

Well done to the following children who were celebrated in Assembly this week:

Kingfisher Class
Ruby and Talal

Seagull Class
Ayyub and Chloe

Swan Class
All of Swan Class

Peacock Class

Nightingale Class                                        Sophie and Sonja                        

Swallow Class
Mason, Marwa, Fiza and Karly

Key Stage 2 Appreciation

Congratulations to the following pupils who were appreciated in Assembly this week:

Year 3
Callum, Fallon, Oliver, Karina, Reece, Jyot, Zenedeen

Year 4
Shifaa, Lewis, Zackriya, Charlie W., Samuel K., Ismael, Jenul, Paige, Maddie

Year 5
Jake, Harrison, Aisha, Jamie, Anshul, Nancy, Aditya

Year 6
Ephraim, Sahir, George P., Lucy


Attendance for week beginning 27th May

Class % Attendance
Duckling AM 97.4
Duckling PM 89.6
Robin 83.7
Sparrow 94
Wren 86.2
Peacock 98.1
Nightingale 97
Swallow 100
Kingfisher 92.7
Seagull 96.8
Swan 97.9
Owl 92.2
Woodpecker 96.6
Skylark 97.2
Chaffinch 96.9
Eagle 97.8
Swift 96.9
Heron 95.4
Falcon 99.3
Osprey 97
Raven 100
Kestrel 97.3


"Very warm and welcoming school. My kids love it."

"Teachers and teaching assistants show great enthusiasm with their work and the children."

"The school provides every facility to my children and also gives time to their development in every field."

"Beautiful assembly, so proud of Bedfont Primary".



"The school helps us to stay safe online and at home.They also train the teachers well so that they can help us achieve our targets throughout the year."

"I like doing Maths because I know that my teacher will always help me. I also like doing English because my teacher sets us interesting tasks to do."

"The school teaches me everything that will make me bright, smart and intelligent."

Pupil Questionnaire 


"Working at Bedfont provides me with the support and confidence to continue to develop and grow in my career".

"'Bedfont is a special place where the team work together to achieve the very best for the children in our care".

Staff members 

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