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Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Bedfont Primary School 

Welcome to our website, I do hope it gives you a feel for our school.

Bedfont is a larger than average primary school, situated close to Heathrow Airport.  We have a wonderful mix of cultures with over 30 languages spoken in the school.  There has been a school on the site for over 100 years.  We have excellent facilities both inside and outdoors.  

We pride ourselves in aiming for academic excellence (our 2015 Key Stage 2 results are in the top 10% in the country), but also place high importance in developing the whole child through an exciting and engaging curriculum.

I am very proud that our Ofsted inspection in November 2014 judged us a Good school. Here are just a few quotes from the report:

  • The school provides a caring and inclusive atmosphere for learning. 
  • Pupils make good progress in English and mathematics in all year groups in the school. By the end of Year 6, they achieve above average standards.
  • Teachers have high expectations, know their pupils well and plan interesting activities to engage them in their learning.

If you would like to come and visit us, you are very welcome, please contact the school office.

Ann Broughton

A Day in the Life of Bedfont Primary School

Project Achieve

This week's skill: Listening

See Our School - Project Achieve tab for details.

Beat the Street

Beat the Street

Beat the Street runs from Wednesday 21st September to Wednesday 2nd November. Everyone should have their pack and there is more information on:

Some parents have reported difficulty registering. You need to follow the link above and not the Google search to a very similar, but out of date, website.

Beat the Street has proved very popular and we have asked them to install another reader outside school to prevent the congestion.


Coming Soon ...

Wednesday 28th Sept 8.30 am
Bug Club Meeting for parents

Thursday 29th Sept 8.30 am
Accelerated Reader meeting for parents of pupils in Y3-6 KS2 Hall

Friday 30th Sept  9 am
Macmillan Coffee Morning
KS2 Hall All welcome

Reception Parents Reading Meeting 2.45 pm  KS1 Hall

Newsletter Autumn 2

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School Uniform

A few parents have told us that they have had trouble phoning Price and Buckland, our uniform suppliers.  Today we have received a letter of apology from them, assuring us that they have added extra phone lines and are sorry for the dip in service.

If you want to order online the link is: 

Letters Home

Y5 Unicorn Theatre trip
Beat The Street information
Marjory Kinnon Rebuild newsletter 1
Newsletter 2 (by e-mail)

Key Stage 1 Superstars

 Well done to the following children who were celebrated in Assembly this week:

Laxman and Leena   Kingfisher Class

Megan and Haydn    Swan Class

Blanka and Blue       Seagull Class

Roman and Toby     Swallow Class

Cody and Ryley       Nightingale Class

Adam and Archie     Peacock Class

Key Stage 2 Appreciation

Congratulations to the following pupils who were appreciated in Assembly this week:

Year 3
Sasha, Louise, Yuvraj, Belle, Amrit, Christian

Year 4
Natalia, Jordan, Hawar, Adrian, Reva, Ethan, Hushmeet, Calum, Khush, Alex

Year 5
Daniel, Shifaa, Oscar, Onyx, Annabelle, Maddison

Year 6
Jamila, Alexandra, Frank, Harrison, Aisha, Ayesha, Rashmi


Nightingale 91.4
Peacock 94.3
Swallow 91.3
Kingfisher 93.6
Seagull 95.4
Swan 90
Owl 90.8
Skylark 97
Woodpecker 91.7
Chaffinch 95.7
Eagle 94.1
Swift 95.2
Falcon 91.9
Heron 87.2
Osprey 95
Kestrel 88.8
Raven 90.7
Starling 91.7


"Very warm and welcoming school. My kids love it."

"Teachers and teaching assistants show great enthusiasm with their work and the children."

"The school provides every facility to my children and also gives time to their development in every field."

"Beautiful assembly, so proud of Bedfont Primary".



"The school provides amazing education. Lessons are really fun. The school is brilliant in all ways. Whenever we need help, the teachers always explain clearly".

"Our school has many achievements at sports, singing and chess. The teachers are very good at explaining what you have to do in lessons and are very good at helping you with troubles! Even though school is long we have fun lessons and I find it great when we learn something new for our benefits such as never to litter, helping the environment and learning how to stay safe on the media (computer, laptop etc..)."

"They never give up on you and help no matter what".

Pupil Questionnaire July 2016


"Working at Bedfont provides me with the support and confidence to continue to develop and grow in my career".

"'Bedfont is a special place where the team work together to achieve the very best for the children in our care".

Staff members 

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